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Welcome to the Guitar Amplifier Blueprinting website.   There are over 600 pages on this site.   I cannot even find some of the things I have placed
here over the years.   This site does not sell anything.   This is here for informational purposes for musicians, tech, and just for folks interested in these
sorts of things.    Since February of 2002 when I started this site there had been over 5,000,000
unique IP visitors when I stopped counting in March
of 2006.  There are typically between 2,000 and 10,000 visitors per day.  

I have my own ideas on who I feel are the best vendors, whose amps I feel are the finest out there, and other pieces of info on these sorts of things.  I
generally try not to "slam" anybody but I will make an exception at times if I feel they are not doing things in the best interest of the player or musician.  
Feel free to contact me directly if you have a question or if you feel I can help in any way.

The information I have posted on this site is what I feel is "public domain".   This is "the Internet" and if I put it on this site it is for you do with as you
wish.   Feel free to copy, paste, link to, post, plagiarize, take credit for, sell, publish, or whatever.

There are great forums where the folks actually help each other as their top priority rather than bickering.   You can find me on these two forums on a
regular basis -  
Dr Z Forum -  Music Player (Guitar Player Magazine) Forum - this forum shot down in 2016.  They now have a facebook page  Maybe I
will see you over there.   In each of these forums I answer questions directly and post various reviews, reports, and spotlight some of the cool new
products as the become available.   I am the moderator on each of these forums and in each there is a post to ask me technical questions.   

Have a great day and happy playing!
Featured Cool Products - The best of the best - not all the cool things on the planet are related to

This website is informational.  I built this site a few years ago to assist musicians.  This site is a place I post answers
to questions,  it is a reference resource,  and a place I list products that cross my path which I feel are exceptional
offerings or services.
Emily Walker - After The Show by Implied Images
The best of the best - Straps, cables, DVD, guitar insurance, distortion pedals, amp books,
photographer, best place to shoot, the best missions and ... Gourmet cupcakes!

Union Rescue Mission and The Midnight Mission - Click on the logos to the left or to the right (aerial building shot) to
learn more about these folks.  They serve millions of meals a year, provide shelter for thousands and the list of what
they do goes on and on.  These folks know how to stretch a dollar.  Los Angeles has the highest homeless population
of any city in the USA.  The homeless population of Los Angeles exceeds the population of Santa Barbara.  The
downturn in the economy has put more people on the street than ever before.  Click on the logos to the left and to the
right to learn more and help if you are able in any way.

The best cupcakes - Just click on the logo to the left or CLICK HERE to head to CupCapes of Falmouth.  Falmouth
Massachusetts is one of my favorite places as the Falmouth Cutter (a great boat) came out of the area.   Great baked
stuff, great coffee, great folks and great music.  I have a lot of friends in the area including folks in the music bizz but
also friends from my years at Data General.  If you are a music person in the area and if I have ever done anything for
you then head to this place and buy a box or two of their offerings to return the favor.  I will keep your amp working great
and you will thank me for letting you know about this place in the end.

Guns Direct - Located in Burbank Southern California this store is what personal service is all about.  Great staff, great
prices and no "attitude".  Their inventory is always changing, they have an extensive product line and can order most
anything at very competitive prices.  

Moore-N-Moore Sporting Clays - If you like to shoot with a shotgun this is the place to check out.  Terrific folks, ultra pro
operation, super advice, about as well run and maintained as anything you will find.  If you are from out of town and
want to try something a bit different than the typical tourist things in the So Cal area then consider a stop here.  More
info by clicking the logo up there on the right or just

One of the best amp books I have ever seen - Dave Hunter's The Guitar Amp Handbook has things of interest for the
entry level reader as well as the most high level experts.  Follow the link to Amazon where you can see some of the
inside of this book.  A real winner.  

Best Vox Amplifier book ever produced - Just head to  as my words on this book would fall
short of even a start to describe this masterpiece.  I have a few screen snapshots below from their website but there is
a wealth of information on their website as to the details of the book.  A must for anybody interested in Vox amplifiers,
the technical details, history, schematics and more.  Scroll down a bit for a sample page from the book.

Ashley Danielle - My favorite model and one of the smartest people I know regardless of age.  You can find a large
page on her by clicking her head shot at the left ( to see one of her many pages) or to go directly to main her website

Moody Straps - Which amp or guitar is the best?  This is a matter of personal preference.  But there are some items
that one can qualify as the very best.   I may not have the best guitar in the world but I feel I have the best strap.  Guitar
Magazine seems to agree too.  Click on the Moody Leather logo for a lot more info.

Cables - I will leave it to you to find a more flexible, more transparent sounding, or less physically microphonic cables
anywhere.  These are best instrument cables I have ever used.  The PJB speaker cables  will be a very big surprise for
folks that think that all cables are "pretty much the same".   The cables from Solid Cable are sonically terrific, have
Amphenol ends that are beyond even the Neutrik standard, and many other great features.  Click on the PJB cable at
the left above for more and the
Solid Cables logo above right for more on the two best cable folks on the globe.

Best DVD - This is one of the best DVDs I have seen and heard.  I guess I can also make the rash statement that the
player on this DVD is the best guitarist I have ever heard.  Period.  Carl Verheyen.  If you do not know who Carl Verheyen
is, trust me, you hear him just about every day.  Read his bio by
clicking here.  

Insurance - Heritage is the place to go.  The best rates you will find anywhere.  Backed by a huge icon in the insurance
business.  If you can find an exclusion I will be amazed short of an act of war.  Theft, damage, loss, and even loss or
damage when your instrument is in somebody else's care or automobile.    The rates are too low to consider being
without this protection.  Click on the icon for more.

Killer Pedals - Zendrive!  On this one if you click on the icon you just get a bigger photo to see things clearly.  For more
CLICK HERE to hit their website.  The best pedal I have ever used or heard.  Use from a slight drive to pretty darn
heavy overdrive.  Even at no distortion setting you can shape tone and color.  VERY quiet and a master of engineering,
design and construction.  All the folks in Brad Paisley's and Sara Evans' bands use these.  

Best Transformers on the planet whether you need a replacement for an original or an upgrade to an existing amp.  If
you are an amp builder and want the best these are also the folks.  
Mercury Magnetics

Best Photographer - Implied Images - The bottom line here is .... simply "the finest phtographer I have seen".   If you
need some great shots, an ad campaign, CD artwork, shots for your bio or press kit, this is the guy to contact.   For a
very small sample of their work

Best guitar store on the planet - Click on the Fretted Americana icon to the left in the panel.  There is also more in my
great guitar stores section by
Nice compilation of some Carl Verheyen playing moments in the above
video.  Some great shots of Carl Verheyen and Brad Paisley together by
Dustin Jack
HERE and Carl's website is HERE
Amp Show - 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013  for registration form, updates and information
Produced by Loni Specter Productions
To exhibit contact;
(818) 992-0745

More info at
For anybody who has ever taken a stab at song writing this may be a bit of fun.   Listen to the entire song.
Simply the finest vintage
fretted instruments
available anywhere.  Click
on the icon above
Best straps
on the planet
Amazing Amp book for
amp folks at every or any
Amazing cables (left) and
the one of the world's great
distortion pedal (right)
The best transformers on
the planet
2005, 2006, 2007, 2008,
2009, 2010, 2011, 2012,
2005, 2006, 2007, 2008,
2009, 2010,2011, 2012,
This is a bit of Carl Verheyen in the studio.  This is also a very nice clip of
the Dr. Z SRZ-65 in action.  

If you are a Marshall fan and ever want to hear what a "proper" "2204"
was supposed to sound like then this is the amp to listen to.  

More by
Ashley Danielle

Ashley is the head of artist
relations for Guitar
Amplifier Blueprinting as
well as a model and
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where you will find over 600 pages of "stuff".  There is no search function and you may not be able to find the same thing more than once ;)
CLICK HERE to continue to the main page at
where you will find over 600 pages of "stuff"
CLICK HERE to continue to the main page at
where you will find over 600 pages of "stuff"
Implied Images
My personal favorite
Best Insurance
Best DVD
Above is Dan Boul of 65 Amps ( ) explaining some of the
features of the Lil' Elvis amp that was shown at 2009 NAMM.  The amp had been in
the field for over a year before it's official release at Winter 2009 NAMM as was a
hit at the show.
Above is Nick Sterling playing a 65 Amps Stone Pony.  It is an amp with a
7591 output section; think Ampeg tones of the past such as The Rolling
Stones and you will get an idea.  This amp also features the 65 Amps
Master Voltage control as does the Lil' Elvis in the video above this one.  
The Master Voltage control lets the player throttle the amp back to about
2 watts in a continuously variable manner with no loss of feel, tone or
Dan Boul of 65 Amps explains some of the features of the Stone Pony amp. There
is a video on youtube of Nick Sterling playing the amp if you want to hear some
sound clips of a few tones in the amp's tone vocabulary.
Perhaps the best
cupcakes on the planet
and on Cape Cod to boot
... how can you beat the
scenery?  Acoustic music,
cool people and what
could be a great hang on
a nice day.  Click on the
logo above!
The coolest spot you will
find if you want to shoot at
things that move!
Above is a slide show of some of the photos I have taken while working
with the homeless of Los Angeles.  There is a lot more information on my
ongoing blog at that has much
information and more details.
Rather than try to write
much here I will just say
that these folks can
stretch a dollar farther
than anybody.   I cannot
begin to describe what
these folks accomplish
every single day.  
The Midnight Mission
Guns Direct
More info to the left and you
can click on the above
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A few years back I started putting new information on my blog and on Facebook more often than here.  
I am active on Facebook and Instagram.  I use Twitter but mostly to complain directly to vendors and companies when I have an issue with them.

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