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Kelly Kaye  - Salt Lake City Utah, California, New York, Florida

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Kelly has extensive work from Implied Images in the galley HERE.

Additional bio information on OMP -

Kelly's Myspace page - details and contact
Many of the great photos on this page including the one above are by Implied Images
Marie Anthony LLC-
Marie Anthony LLC-
Marie Anthony LLC-
Below are some shots from Craig Allen Photography
Some of these shots are duplicates of some of the above shots but I felt that putting a number of his shots in one place would give a good idea of his
scope as a photographer.  The shots below can be used for a good exercise for all models.  In the shots below pick out the two shots that you think are
the best of the group.   Once you do that think about going over your own portfolio and picking out the best dozen or so shots that are examples of
pictures that will grab somebodies attention or could be put on a wall as art.

A common mistake made by many models is too many shots of the same type repeated in a model's portfolio.  As a side note, I put all of these up and it
was not at Kelly's request.  I thought this would be a good example of a point I am trying to get across to people.
Marie Anthony LLC-