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09 JAN 2007
Originally posted by shiva-master

I have a non-reverb MAZ 18 Junior head and a Route 66. The Route 66 is a
pretty recent acquisition, but for the last year, I have played the MAZ 18
every day and have gigged it 3-4x/week. It has performed absolutely
flawlessly. As an EE, I am familiar with electronics and have owned many
other boutique amps and, IMO, the quality and construction of Dr. Z amps is
as good as it gets. Sure, there are builders who take more time (and charge
more money) to make the routing unnecessarily prettier, but there are
NONE who make it any more functional or reliable from an engineering point
of view. What many people fail to realize is that, oftentimes, the prettiest
layouts are the noisiest! (That's a whole other discussion, but after 20 years
in the industry, take my word for it.)

As for tone, well, that's subjective. But, the Z amps have a wide and loyal
following of professional and semi-professional players who've tried
everything out there and wouldn't play anything else. To my ears, the Z
amps all have the general tonal attributes deemed as most desirable by
experienced players. And, he makes them available in many different

So, in conclusion, I feel that you simply cannot beat the (quality +
tone)/price ratio of Dr. Z amps.
Originally posted by "riffmeister" whose photos are below.

I was recording this past weekend with the 6545 and I was just amazed at how good it sounds. I have never EVER
been happier with my tone than I am now with the 6545 and Matchless DC30. Both of these are just brilliant amps
for Classic Rock type tones.
Above - Gorgeous Dr. Z 6546 from Riffmeister over at Harmony Central.

Riffmeister is one of the folks over in the amp forum over at HC that gives folks a lot of help and good advice.

Thanks for these photos.  By the way ... very clean workbench - very nice.

AND .... P90's!  My favorite pickups in what may be my favorite guitar.  What a GREAT RIG!  Want to trade ?

Click on the above photos for the BIG Picture.

On 8/26/03 Riffmeister supplied me with a photo of his band playing a gig with his 6545.  Very cool pix, and I
especially like the guitar.  Where have I seen one of those before?
Phil_Weiskittel and his great guitars and Z amps.   In the center is his new Stingray.  
This is one of the most pretty amps that I have seen in a long time.   

Click on any of the picture to the left for a larger image.
Laroosco from Harmony-Central sent this great
outdoor photo of a Route 66 and a Z Best cab.  
Another photo with a cool ASAT, and one more
with man's best friend.  What is more cool than a
great guitar, great amp, and great dog?  Well, a
really cool girlfriend of wife helps.

Click on any of these pictures to the left for a
larger image.
This Route 66 to the left is from "fornyeye" ... a Harmony-Central fellow
forumite.  He is from Sacramento, CA.  Thanks!

Click on the image for a bigger picture.
Dave Esmond and some of his amps below .... one Z and one classic Gibson.

The 2x10 Ghia is reported to be the first one made.

Click on the picture to the right for a larger version
Fred McMurray - photo to the left - click to enlarge.

Myles, here's PART of my li'l stable...I'll have pics of my other Z by next
week.  In the past few years, this mahogany-panelled MAZ has been on
many stages in the Northeast, but it doesn't show up much in the live
photos that people took of that particular band...so, alas, here it is at
home, in good company...
To the right ..... What a cool amp corner from jds125 from minot, n.d. ...

A Z Airbarke, 6545 channel switcher, and a Route 66.  The Garnet is a very
cool amp.  Garnet's are one of Aspen Pittman's favorite amps by the way,
and there are a lot of them in his Tube Amp Book.

The Champ ... what more can be said than "everybody needs a champ.  

The owner supplied this info in a later HC post: - Z 6545 and Airbrake
through Madsound Detunes 2x12 w/ Webers(Bluedog and Silverbell) -
Garnet Pro 200 Super Head (Super old amp that gets ZERO appreciation)
through Madsound 3x10 with Reverend 1030's - Fender BF Champ with a
Weber Classic Alnico - Z Rt 66 and Airbrake through Madsound oversized
2x10 with Weber Cali's

Click on the photo on the right for the "bigger picture"
John Buck - (Alldowntheline over at HC)

Carmen Ghia with an Allesandro 2x12 with Celestion Blues, accompanied by
a late '90s Les Paul Classic and my Gibson ES-335.  

A killer rig, and both the guitars are killer too!  Click on the photo for a
larger image.
From m1911 over at HC with the comment "Would your wives allow HER dining
room look like this" ?

This is really a great picture to say the least.  Maybe tell your wife that the
amps really nicely set off the hardwood floors, and that you also seem to pick
guitars that flatter the room?

My own house's bar area is a "wife displeaser" .... but it is somewhat out of
the line of sight.    Tell your wife, if the two of you are ever in Los Angeles, I'd
treat you both to dinner for her understanding!

Click on the photo for a larger image.
From zosopup over at Harmony - Central located in Mass.

He calls this the Wall of Z .... pretty darn cool.  Sort of seems like ha has all bases
covered with this rig.

By the way, the Z-Best cab is perhaps, one of the loudest and most efficient cabs
that is around.  Compare this cab to any closed back 4x12 and tell me what you
think!  I have not heard a closed back 4x12 that has this cabs lows and mids,
output, or sound dispersion.

Click on the photo for a larger image.
From Stoney Stomp from
New York.  His 2x10 Ghia

Click on the photos for a
larger image.
From jokerjkny in New York

my all blonde tolex Maz 18 Jr. w/ reverb head. been with me for the past 4 yrs.
and have had nary a problem. still has the original all JJ tubes. btw, i just
ordered a "non reverb" model from John and Stu at FatSound in NC. course, i
had to get it in all blonde.

Click on the photo for a larger image.
From johan (coma on H-C)

Been ages since I posted over here. Still remember the old Guitar Forum
6-7 years ago. We had lots of discussions regarding Z's amps so the love
of a Carmen Ghia is nothing new.  I bought my MAZ jr #19 around 97-98.
Been my number one ever since. It came stock with Weber C10Q
speakers (although they had a Z P12Z label) I now use Z-10 speakers.

Click on the photo for a larger image.
From m1911 over at H-C - Live playing band on the right ->

I can't let this thread die without mentioning the Standard MAZ Senior. I've either bought or
heard most of Dr.Z's Amps and like them all. I am no expert and don't have the detailed
listening ear that most of you guys have, but to me, it is the most versatile, smoothest,
nicest amp I've heard.

Versatile: Full EQ, Reverb, and Cut control depending on type of guitar plugged in.

Master: Will go from Beautiful clean to mean...very usable. Can make a Strat sound like
"Lenny" tones to almost Zep Tones. A Les Paul sounds like a reedy, thick, deep, horn
through it.

It is extremely pedal friendly too as long as you keep the gain (volume knob) at no more
than 1:00 to 2:00 O'clock and use the master knob for loudness. It takes a Fuzz, Wah,
OverDrive, Cleanboost, and Chorus/flanger very well.

The difference between the MAZ Juniors and Seniors to me are:
1) Headroom (more on the Senior)
2) Gain (more on the Junior)
3) Bigger Bottom End on the Senior...This is what I really like the best. It really hits you in
the chest with authority.

So Z shoppers....don't forget this one!

PS: Z's 4x10 Cabinet is EXTREMELY cool too. Sometimes gets over-looked by the Z-Best.

Click on the photo for a larger image.
Route 66 with Mahogony front from Mightyguru

Here's my 66 with mahogany front. I love the 66 for single coil guitars.

Click on the photo for a larger image.
ollenorin from Stockholm Sweden finally got his new Carmen Ghia.  Great amp, great
cab, and that 335 is pretty killer too!

Olle says ... "Just got the Carmen Ghia and my new Egnater cab with greenbacks and
g12h....it sounds fucking amazing !!!!   Even my gilrfriend was awestruck by the power
and sound of the Ghia !!! WOWOWOWO !!!"

Olle .... bit of a blues tip with a 335 .... neck pickup, it's volume on ten ... tone on 7-10
to taste.  Amp's volume at 9 o'clock and amp's tone at 2 o'clock ...  Play light and its
clean ... hit is harder and its pure blues crunch.  For over the top, just set the amp's
volume to 3 o'clock and watch out!  Now compare that overdrive to pedals and tell
me which has more harmonic content and life?

Click on the photo for a larger image.
Fred McMurray's rig.  Fred is from Bridgewater, NJ.

As Fred wrote:  "my MAZ Jr & the Ghia/Leslie.... it's always great to take
this full rig for a spin at gigs; a totally "3D-Z" experience".

The Ghia looks pretty cool on that cab, the the wood front MAZ is pretty
nice also.

Click on the photo for a larger image.
Chad's (Good 'OlPeachPhan) Cool Green Ghia, who also said....

I just purchased MY first amp since buying the Ghia quite a few years ago - a TopHat
Club Royale 1x12 combo w/ Celestion V30 (I want to swap a G12H eventually I think,
though the V30 is probably BETTER for gigging, and nobody in the audience will ever
know the difference).  I just love these low wattage amps, and you'd think with the
same low wattage, 2 EL84 formula as the Ghia the tonal end results would be similar,
but these two amps sound SOOO different.  The CR is very refined, chimey, and quite
a bit more versatile than the Ghia with the extra tone-shaping controls; while the
Ghia is very raw, in-your-face, and one of a kind.  I think I'll probably be happy with
these two amps for about another 5 years or so, but who knows what things GAS will
bring!??!  At some point I feel like I should add a 6L6-style amp to my arsenal, but the
EL84's just work so well for my tastes it's hard to justify anything else.

Click on the photo for a larger image.
Above is Danny ... Daniel Parker ... off in the Military in Germany.

Danny is a hard rocker and a Carmen Ghia player.  Check out the guitar with the Ghia rig, serious axe
that looks like it does not spend a lot of time sitting in a stand in a bedroom in the suberbs!

Here are some pics of my Rig, as well as some pics from back in my Hard Rock Days.  Dr.Z Carmen Ghia with Philips EL84s,
Mullard CV4004s and a Mazda 5Y3 Carvin Open Back 2X12 with 25 watt greenbacks

Relic (most of it is really from playing!) GMP Pawnshop Special with Jeff Beck/59 combo. White guitar is a GMP Pawnshop
special (Locomotive) triple Duncan 59's.  Modified Dunlop Cry-Baby, Micro-Vibe, Crowther Audio Hot Cake OD

WHAT MORE DO YOU NEED? It's all in your attitude, not your gear (although it helps)

Danny and I have been writing back and forth ... some of the writing that may help other folks has been:

We spoke maybe a few months ago in reference to the DR.Z Carmen Ghia. Remember the Army puke? Anyway, I have since moved
to Germany. As well, I need a recommendation on pre-amp tubes again. I would really like to have as much possible headroom out
of the amp as possible while staying away from harsh upper frequencies.  I'm not sure if 2 5751's will cut it. I tend to run my amp with
the volume dimed always and the tone knob at 11:00. (I use an LP jr. with a JB in the bridge)  (Danny)

Two 5751s run great for more clean headroom.  Some folks alsouse a 12AT7 in V1, the gain is about the same with a 5751 and
but the sonic character is a bit difference ... sort of a personal preference thing.

What you are attempting to do is a pretty popular deal with a lot of jazz folks and clean country folks.  (myles)

What I am attempting to do is just clean the pre-amp section of the Ghia up a little. I already get great power amp distortion as you
know. I'm trying to get a little Luther Allison/Buddy Guy meets Gary Moore thing going. What do you think?

I think the 5751 in V1 will give a bit more clean headroom.  I also at times use 12AX7s in V1, but since they vary so much from the
factories, I run them through tests and record their specifics.  The gain of a "spec" 12AX7 is supposed to be 100 at 250 plate volts
with a -2 volt bias.  This is original spec.  Today's 12AX7s generally run about 85-92 in mu or gain.  When I find one that is on the
lower side, as long as it has decent current output (this is supposed to be 1.2 milliamps, but today is generally 0.6 to 0.9 on average
for many new made tubes), this can be used almost like a lower gain 5751.

The first thing I would try is to get another 5751 and try this in V1, keeping the tock 5751 that is in V2 also.

Speakers are also a BIG part of tone.  I do not know what speakers you are using, but more efficient ones can really do a lot for the
tone and output of any amp.  Since you are running the volume wide open, I am making an assumption, which is probably incorrect,
that you are using some sort of closed back cabinet.  If not, then you must be VERY loud.  If you use an open back cab with good
drivers, then your level will increase, and you can drop your volume and clean things up.

Running the volume on max on a Ghia, the amp will have a lot of gain, and any amp running wide open is not going to have clean
headroom ... or any headroom actually, as you are at the end of it's range.

Maybe back your volume down 1/2 way, to 12 o'clock, or even 10'oclock.  You  will really clean up and not loose all that much level,
but will get back a lot of touch sensitivity.

My other suggestion, is since you are running this Ghia full out, maybe sell the amp (the had a factory price increase ... still way
underpriced for their value, but worth more and are very in demand) ....   and get a Mazerati.  It does all the Ghia does, but at higher
levels.  From what you play and the guitar, and your settings, it seems to me that a Mazerati is just made for you.

Thanks for all the Info. I thought about the Mazerati. To be honest, I like the Ghia dimed out because it is the perfect club volume. If I
need a cleaner tone, I just roll the volume on the guitar down, you know the deal. I am running an open back 2X12 with greenbacks.
It's not that loud though. Running a modified cry baby, Crowther audio hot cake and a micro-vibe, that's it. The original 5751 was a
Sovtek, which I am not too fond of. Any ideas for both 5751s? I was thinking twin JAN GE's. Or something else NOS (RCA,
MULLARD). I am not a big fan of new tubes.

I just thought that I would drop you a quick line. I ordered two Philips EL84s and a Mazda 5Y3 from KSA Tubes for my Ghia. I'll let you
know how it turns out when they get here.  I am running two Mullard CV4004 right now and it is awesome! I'll send you a picture too if
you want? I have been staying busy (and on the road) making sure the boys in green get the training devices and support they need
prior to doing what they do, so playing time in minimum right now. Anyway, I'll let you know what the Philips/Mullard combo sounds.

Click on the photos above for larger images.
Richard L Couch from Liberal Marin County, California ....

Cool 2x10 MAZ Jr.  

I have not seen one in this color.  I have seen heads of other Z amps but not
a MAZ combo.  Pretty amp.

Click on the photo for a larger image.
From John Harris:

Top pix - this is the home rig, though I have found the ghia likes to be
cranked a bit. At the apartment I live in it's tough to use the volume control at
all. The C30 is actually a really cool amp to have around the house. It get's a
lot of different tones.

Bottom pix - now this is a fun set up. The Ghia is so much fun when you pass
12:00! And the Marshall picks up where the Ghia left off. If only I could use the
Marshall's power with the Ghia's tone! I have learned that the Ghia sounds
SOO much different with different gear (Guitars, pedals, speakers). Much
more than any other amp I have used. It actually shows that some of my
pedals really don't sound that good. I think it is equally at home with single
coils and HB's. a lot of fun.

Click on the photos for larger images.
Myles Rose - Los Angeles CA.  (Guess I should have some of
my own Z stuff here).

This is the area where I currenty do my amp clinics.  This was
a wet bar.  This area is always in a state of change, as you can
see from other photos in other areas of this website.  In any
case, this is something of a "Z" area for the most part.  The
Z-Best cab is now what is used during amp clinics.  The fridge
in the bar was removed for more amp space where the
Fender and Ghoa now sit.  

The Hard Rock Cafe Bears on the MAZ SR, are from Miami and
New York City.

Click on the photo for a larger image.
Fred Kaplan's cool MAZ SR 2x12.  

Very loud amp.  Must be even louder on that hardwood

Click on the photos for a larger image.
Terry Guder from Chicago's stuff (or some of it anyway).

Terry is a player from Chicago.  He is a master player, has a killer ES-175 (and
a lot of other stuff too).  I spent quite a bit of time a while back with Terry on
his Victoria Tweed Super.  He has a hefty supply of nice amps, some of them
are shown here.

Terry's comments -
Here's a photo of my Heritage posing with some familiar faces.  I was
turned on to the Heritage company by my teacher, and for the money I think they're a really viable
player's instrument.  Good quality components and finishwork, and I don't have to be paranoid about
a $10K instrument in some bar somewhere.  This guitar sounds really great through either Victoria,
even with the stock Schaller pickups.  As soon as the Z is returned from its refurbishment I'll have
even more to talk about.

Here's one with this amazing black tele-style guitar I picked up from my teacher, made by luthier Tim
Schroeder here in Chicago.  I'll be sure to bring this one out to LA with me.  I'm scared of this guitar,
it's great!  The amp speaks for itself, loudly.  (Well, it will when it gets back from the Cleveland Amp

This strat was an ebay acquisition, starting life as an '83 "Elite" strat.  I had the guts removed (gently)
and replaced with this set of Fralin "vintage hots."  It sounds like a strat, no surprises.  The neck is
nice to me, being a little wider than a standard strat neck; refretted and nearly flat, it's a really great
player.  I think it turned into a pretty decent example for the genre.  There is a secret - the top two
controls are wired differently, and there's a dedicated switch that turns on the back pickup regardless
of the 5-way position.

Click on the photos for a larger image.
From Bearded over at
the PRS Forum
Naperville, IL ... right in
the neighborhood of
Mark Baier / Victoria

Click on the photos
for a larger image.
From George H over at the
PRS Forum,  A guitar
whore&tone slave from
the New Jersey area.  

These are a few of his Z
amps, but he has some
other amps that are
KILLER.  I wish the
Bloodhound photo was

Click on the photos for a
larger image.
Okay - no Z amp here,
but how could I pass up
this photo of George's rig!
From Shane S from the
PRS Forum and from
Anchorage, AK

MAZ-18jr W/ Vox Blue
Bells with a pair of V's

Click on the photos for a
larger image.
From Christo7 at the PRS
Forum.  Los Angeles, Ca.

His Route 66.  

Since he's in Los Angeles,
I will probably cross his
path one day and give him
a free MPI and EF86.

Click on the photos for a
larger image.
m1911 from the PRS Gear Page forum (and Harmony Central) ....

My kid (now 15) plays in a Blues/Rock trio where he is the only guitarist. He's been playing about eight years and has played out
for the last two.  Here are a couple more pics of him using his Dr.Z's.  I would have a lot more but I'm not really into photography
much....especially when I have to be his driver, roadie, gear tech, and security.  But it is a lot of fun when people see this little
kid launch into "Hey Joe" to "Red House" and " Tore Down to "Pride and Joy".

He's also played onstage with Buddy Guy the past two seasons in New Hampshire.  I've enclosed a couple of those as well.

We started buying Dr.Z's over four years ago (after we went through a pile of crappy amps) and couldn't be happier.

You don't need to put this stuff on your web-site....just thought you might be interested in who is probably the youngest Z-
player...All the stuff is his too.  I don't play a single note either. I just love good music and good tone!

Mark ... I did want to put all of the comments up, as I think they are pretty darn interesting.  When I look back on how folks like
KWS came up from a young age, this always is something of a thrill, as these kids are better at a younger age by far, than
folks of my generation.  I bet he's just a killer player, and maybe the youngest Z player to take a pro stage. - myles

Click on the photos below for a larger image.
From mgursel in
Istanbul - maybe the Ghia the most far from the factory?

Just got a digital camera so I figured I'd post a pic of my Ghia setup. The 2 effects shown
are always in my chain and sometimes I'll add in a wah or some reverb.  
(love the Zvex
effects ... myles)

Click on the photos for a larger image.
From burningyen in NYC at the PRS forum.

His cool Route 66 .... cool blue guitar too!

Click on the photos for a larger image.
Is this the best looking Z-28 rig around or what!  ???  This rig belongs to Mike Petrich.  
His comments:

Red Z-28 with matching 1x12" Greenback loaded cabinet. Does exactly what I wanted.
Paisley-esque tone with my tele, and the full on rockin David Grissom style distortion
when hit with 'buckers. I'm very pleased. The guitars shown are my Wamoth tele with
Rio Grande Tallboys, Glaeser B-Bender, ash body, and ebony fretboard. My all around
axe. The Washburn is a USA Custom Shop WMR450TBR Sammy Hagar model.
With Duncan '59's it really does a great 335 vibe.

I am so thrilled with the amp. Notes really blossom, and sound so full.   the quality of
sound is so much better than anything else I have, the Silver face super will probably be
on the for sale list soon, as it just will never get any playing time anymore. It is really
pedal friendly with my Home brew compressor and power-screamer as well.   Again, I
am absolutely floored. And purchased from Chapin Guitars, I was well educated by the
forum and Bill to make the perfect decision.

Click on the photos for a larger image.
I took delivery on my 38 from Dr. Z in Feb. 1998.  It's funny how in the
interview you have posted he says something like "everyday Buddy
(whittington) is on the road I get a call from someone wanting a 38"...
well, that's exactly what happened to me.  I saw Buddy with John Mayall
in June of 1997 and went up to the stage after the show.. he talked and
talked and was soooo friendly.  Anyway, within 6 months i'd scraped
together the money and had placed my order with the good doctor.. I've
never looked back.  I've been with my current band for about a year...
after listening to my amp for nine months, the other guitarist in the band,
Rava Mclaine, went out and picked up a MAZ-18 jr. I run my Les Paul
straight into the amp.. for tone, tone, tone!
We're now a two Z band and we get comments about the great tone at
every show.
So, if you have room on the page for another story and a few more pix..
here ya go!  Keep up the great work ....

(note... that's rich paddock, our bassist, in the third pic)

ian weintraub

Sammy Stubble and The Little Shavers

Olympia, WA

Click on the photos for a larger image.
tone dog from Union, Ky

Very cool Z-28 with some very cool guitars

Click on the photo for a larger image.
mgursel from  Istanbul

Myles, I know you already have a pic of my setup on your site, but I know you like the Zvex stuff
so here's a pic w/ my Ghia & Nano together. It can be hard sometimes deciding which one to
plug into.

Gibson LP Studio - Carmen Ghia - Pro Junior - Zvex Nano - 535Q - Fuzz Factory - Octane 3 - Super
Duper - Holy Grail - Marshall 1x12 cab

From Myles .... cool recording rig to say the least, had to put this photo up too!  Thanks

Click on the photo for a larger image.
Jason White from Canada .... Cool Mazerati rig with a 1968 Telecaster!  It does not get much
better than this

Click on the photo for a larger image.
A gorgeous purple Route 66.  How cool.  I hope the owner will send me a few comments to post


Here another pic of my purple Rt.66 and some other gear in my rig. Man, this amp is amazing!!!
VERY close to the sound that's been in my head for years! So damn loud, I think I need a airbreak
to go with it! Anyways, enjoy and take care.

Stiner- HC

Click on the photos for a larger image.
Big Mike over at the gear page suggested I send you a pic
of my Z-28 that I just purchased. It is a 1-12 combo w/
Celestion Greenback. It has a beautiful hardwood maple
panel. According to Dr Z it is the 1st hardwood panel Z-28
he has done. Mike thought you might want a picture of it
to post on your Z page. Thanks

Tommy Edwards (tuna on the gear page)

Click on the photo for a larger image.
Two more very pretty
wood panel amps from
two cool players.
It’s Kiwi here, from the Gear Page. I’m attaching a photo of
the special faceplate on my Rt 66, if you want to use it on
your web site.

Mike Zaite sent me this faceplate last year. He said it was
purple heartwood (but it looks red), with an inlay. Mike
and I are “e-pals” from a while back, and I think he really
did me a nice turn with this one.

Click on the photo for a larger image.
arniez from Connecticut

Here's a pic of my Z 28 rig. I never would have guessed that this model would be leading the poll
even though it is my favorite.

Click on the photo for a larger image.
Ken Cali

These are some great shots of Ken's rig.  I like shots that show the amps in a "working

Ken says ...

I bought the head and cab in separate eBay transactions.  The cab is already on your site as I
purchased it from Laroosco -- for all I know the head may his too as he was selling the head at
the time I bought the cabinet, but I wasn't looking for a Route 66 at the time.  I bought the cab to
use with my 2-10" Maz 18 Jr. (that I purchased directly from the Dr. right here in Cleveland
about 3 years ago).  IMO, the Z-Best cab sounds much better than the Dr. Z 10" speakers in the
Maz 18.  I began to cart around the Maz 18 to use only as a head for the Z-Best cab.  Then I
bought the Route 66 (and then the Airbrake after fellow band members immediately
complained about the Route 66 volume).  Both are great amps, as you already know.

Click on the photo for a larger image.
Directly above - Dan House ...

"I finally got some pictures of the Ghia in action.  Unfortunately, I am in the
picture too.

That is me with my Townshend SG and the Ghia at the start of our set on
Friday night. Also a pic of the whole band.

7/8/04 - Dan's new MAZ:

The Maz continues to impress.  You were right about the versatility.  I am
running the amp with my two overdrives and an Electro Harmonix Wiggler.  I
use the Wiggler for a couple of songs with some light vibrato (Strange Brew)
and I use it with a heavy Leslie effect for Misty Mountain Hop to get that
organ tone... I roll the cut control back on the Maz and it gets that muted
tone that works really well... think Ray Charles in the Blues Brothers organ
tone... if that makes sense.  I am still playing around with finding my lead
tone, but that isn't as important as all the other tones I work with...

Click on the photos for a larger image.
Bill Bolling on stage (left in above

Here’s a rare pic where I’m using both
Z rigs onstage!  Z28/ 112 & Ghia/ 410.
(Bill Bolling)

Possibly one of the world's best
combinations .... apple pie & vanilla ice
cream for some tastes..... pizza and
beer for other tastes ..... (myles take
on things)

Click on the photos for a larger
Madison from The Gear Page

After hearing Buddy Whittington, and later Mike McAdam out of Nashville,  both playing Dr Z’s, I
started researching in the Winter of 2000.  I ended up ordering the Maz Jr in red tolex/ wheat grill
cloth from Stu at Fat Sound.  It took an agonizing 4 months for delivery, but it has been my number 1
ever since.  I’ve gigged an average of twice a month since I pulled it out of the box, and have had zero

My most recent acquisition is the Maz Sr Head/ ZBest Cabinet in Blonde/Oxblood, bought from
Richmond Music Center.  I found the stock cab to be too much, so I went back to the drawing board
and ended up moving the Vintage 30 down, and loading a Greenback up top.  Perfect!  I still get the
kick and punch from the V30 down low, and the Greenback mounted up with the high end rolloff is
easy on the ears of anyone in the front row.  The Greenback also lowered the overall volume and
warmed the tone up some, although I can still dial in plenty of headroom.  I’m using only a TU 2 and
a Visual Sound Rt 66, and most often the Tom Anderson Hollow T Classic.

Click on the photos for a larger image.
Hi Myles,

Here is an updated pic from my room .  
The old one on your site shows the red Jr
and blond Sr/ ZBest rig.  They have all
moved on and have been replaced by the
Ghia, Z28, 4x10, and 1x12 Z cabinets.  
Please feel free to post on your website!

Best regards,

Bill (Madison on TGP)

Click on the photo for a larger
Jayson Chance -

Definitely the favorite amps of my career.

I spent '04 as guitarist/bandleader for country artist Gretchen Wilson.

We toured with Brooks & Dunn, and my friends Lou Toomey & Tony King turned me on to the Z amps.

Thought I would send you a couple of pics for the "Z" section of your site.  I'm always trying to spread the good word of the Doctor!

In '05, I've been using Z amps in the studios as well as in Nashville clubs.

Also have been doing dates with Lee Greenwood, Ty Herndon, and Mila Mason.

Using mainly a MAZ 18 Jr. with 2 10's for recording and clubs/ rehearsals,  and a MAZ 38 Sr. 2 12" for bigger stages and outdoor

Thanks for some cool info and a cool site.

Click on the photos for a larger image.
Above - Terry Guder is from Chicago.  He is originally from Los Angeles.  Terry is a killer player.  His latest amp is a
Z-28 with a Z 2x10 cab.  He uses this cab with other amps too.  Some of Terry's other amps are a Victoria tweed
super (if I recall cirrectly), a Fender Black Face Super Reverb, a Victoria Victorilux and a Dr. Z 6545.  Terry has
some great guitars.  Some are shown here.  Terrry also has a Dr. Z Z-best cabinet that is used a lot.  

Here is a photo of my Dr. Z 6545 & 2x10 cab. The
crunch tone of the  65 side is truly amazing. Thick,
clear & articulate with amazing  string to string
definition. The 45 side of the amp has a wonderful  
tone that I can only describe as "round & bloomy" with
the same  articulate string to string definition. The
2x10 cab is in a class by itself. The Z 2x10 cab has
lows that are tight with well defined mids that are
never overwhelming & a smooth top end. This cab is
a real winner & sounds huge.

From tele62 - Houston, Texas, from the Z-Talk forum:

Here's a shot of My Ghia and Z-28 @ work in the studio.
The Ghia is right at home in the studio, The engineer just
LOVED "that blond" as he called it !

My (Myles) comment .... I cannot think of a better guitar rig than a
Carmen Ghia and Z-28 without racking my brain.
An interesting custom SRZ-65RH


You may be the only person on the planet that might care about this, so I wanted to share it with you.  A little over a
year ago I bought a mahogany front SRZ-65-RH from a friend who special ordered it from Mike Z. We both live near
Cleveland, so it wasn't a big deal. This SRZ does not have a Master Volume. Instead it has inputs marked with Roman
numerals I and II with companion Volume I and Volume II. Volume I is a pull-pot. By looking at the component values in
the preamp and listening to the amp, it would appear that Input I is Fender-like and Input II is Marshall-like. When you
are plugged into Input I and pull out the pot you can "blend" in more Marshallesque tonality - like a channel jumper.

Input II with Volume II is just straight non-master volume Marshall-like. The amp also has an effects loop with send and
return level controls. Serial Number is F-1033 S  ( "S" for special, I would assume ) It has FOUR 12AX7 and TWO
5814/12AU7 Philips in addition to the EL34s and GZ34. One extra compared to other SRZ reverb models it would
appear. My friend knows nothing about electronics and never had anything worked on. It had all the original tubes and
Tesla branded EL34 when I got it.

I recently read your SRZ-65 note at the Z-Talk forum and thought this would be a good time to tell you. [ I am SG123
on the Z-Talk forum ]. I've never mentioned it on the forum because it would only "confuse" things. I have attached
some photos. Have you ever seen or heard of one like this? It also came with an early Z-Best with expanded metal
grille. The back is non-removeable, so the V-30 speakers are front mounted.

All the best to you,
Larry W. Williams
Hi, Myles! Just got your reply to an
e-mail I sent in January, re. Rx-original
strength. Since then, I picked up this
c.'65 - '66 Twin from one of my old

The old cabinet was shot, so I built
these separate head/spkr. cabinets in
my shop. The speakers are the
original grey-frame D-120's, the holy
grail of speakers!

The Ponderosa pine cab's( w/o vinyl)
really let them sing. This is currently
my favorite amp, another hand-wired
masterpiece - Leo Fender really knew
what he was doing!

Anyway, one of the pix shows my old
Rx, I hope you can use it. Hope you're
well, and I hope this new year is a
great one for you. Regards, CB