4/12/03 - Clinic at Norman's Rare Guitars -
some candid photos and comments
It is always such a joy to walk into Norm's first thing in the morning, and see the smiling
staff just waiting to help with any requirement or desire!   This is Jordan, and it would be
best just to fork over your Amex card as soon as you walk in the store, whether a purchase
is desired or not.  Jordan is hungry, and he is already on the phone to CPK.
After Jordan has scared you away, you may need a safe haven.  Find Jeff (playing here), as
he is a refreshing break from some of the more scary folks in the place.  Jeff is known to
many as "the best unknown guitarist in the world", after Roy Buchanan passed on, and the
title was attached to Jeff.  Jeff is a blast to watch play ... he falls into whatever is proper for
the amp and guitar is in his grasp.   All kidding aside, Jeff Lund is one of the most
accomplished and versitile players I have ever heard.
Full Metal Mike ....  If you want that Van Halen sort of deal, high gain, lots of harmonics, and
the attitude to match the tone, Mike is your taste.  Mike is a great player, and just watching
him and his expressions when he performs makes me glad that I am not his age anymore!  I
get tried just watching him.
This is Nick - known to most as "The Amazing Nick".  He does all the guitar repair and
rebuild work at Norm's, whether it be the replacement of a string, or a complete rebuild of
an instrument.  I'd say the guy was pretty darn terrific, but who am I to judge a guitar guy,
when I am more an amp guy?  I guess I look at it like this ... if Norm gives Nick six figure
instruments to take care of, can there be a better recommendation?
Jeff and Nick not fighting .... not "profanizing" each other?  Working togetgher in
harmony?  Nobody would ever believe this, so here is an actual un-retouched photograph
that proves it!
Jim on the left and Mike on the right.  Jim does not work at Norm's, but he is there even
more than I am.  Jim is a great player, with a VERY VERY extensive collection of VERY nice
guitars and amps.  If there is ever some great amp or guitar quest you are on, call Norm's,
get Jim's number, and call the guy.  He is also very knowledgable when it comes to dating
and knowing what is real and what is fake.  He is also a great guy with a super sense of
Yup .... it's real, it's rare, and it's in amazing condition.  If you are interested, just call Norm
or Jeff.
What more can I say?
This is just a small fraction of what there is in this store.  Vintage and new ....  $89.00 to $890,000.00
....it is all here, and this is not even a hint of what is here.

Norm's, known for Guitars, is a secret when it comes to amps.  They do have a pretty good stock of
super vintage amps, early tolex, tweed, and black face.  High gain and low gain.  They also carry all
the new Fender amps at pretty substantial discounts.  When you realize that I get pretty great
prices on a lot of stuff, and still buy a lot of stuff here, that probably says something about their
prices on guitars and amps.
This is "the duck lady" .... (don't ask).  As you can see, the only time Jordan is smiling is
when he is trying to impress a girl.  (Jordan is not happy even when eating ... as a body
builder, eating is serious stuff for him, so messing with him is like trying to approach a pit
bull when he is busy on his food bowl.
Very interesting amp that is for sale over at Norm's.

Bandmaster ... sort of.  1x12 and 2x10 rather than 3x10.  Celestions.  Normal channel is a
master volume high gain channel.  Vibrato channel is Bandmaster.

Amp has been converted to EL-34 tubes, with the proper screen resistors.

This amp looks vintage but is something of a surprise.  It is a screamer. ... sort of like the
289 small block Ford engine in an MGA, for those of you as old as I am.  This amp was
checked out during the clinic, biased, and is ready to rip.
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